Fighter F-35


USA: Russia and China have "killers" of F-35 fighters

Developments of Russia and China deprive the US of all the advantages of F-35 fighters.

As reported by the American edition of The National Interest, the era of American "invisible" fighters can be completed, so properly and without getting its development. This is due primarily to the fact, but Russia and China are actively working to create radio-photon radars that allow used aircraft, and it's about the sixth-generation fighters, to remain invisible when using virtually any radar equipment, and to detect "stealth" -alts .

The statement of the US military expert is mainly due to the fact that China is actively developing such systems, and more recently it became known that Russian scientists and engineers have completed the creation of such radio-optical radars. Nevertheless, the US sees a much greater threat in China than in Russia, which is due primarily to the fact that the aircraft designers from China have already completed the creation of a prototype unmanned fighter aircraft, which may well qualify for the title of the sixth generation aircraft, as in Russia there is only development in this direction.

Independent analysts, in turn, did not exclude the possibility that such developments could appear in the US, but official Washington has so far made no statements related to the creation of a sixth generation fighter.

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