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US imposes sanctions against Turkey over Russian S-400

The United States agreed to impose sanctions against Turkey for the purchase of Russian S-400.

According to sources, the United States has agreed to impose sanctions against Turkey for the acquisition of Russian S-400s. Sanctions will be introduced against Ankara in March of this year, however, what specific measures can be discussed are unknown.

It is noteworthy that days earlier in the USA it was announced that Washington taught a lesson to the whole world, demonstrating it in Turkey, however, no details were provided on this subject. Nevertheless, it is assumed that the United States will completely exclude Turkey from the F-35 fifth-generation fighter program, and, obviously, may limit the powers of this country as a member of the North Atlantic Alliance, not to mention the adoption of economic measures.

Nevertheless, experts say that Ankara will be ready to give Washington an immediate response, if sanctions are really introduced, including, this can be expressed in the immediate closure of military bases in the country with a ban on the export of American equipment and property, and If Washington really tries to limit the possibilities of Turkey as a member of NATO, then, most likely, Turkey will be ready to close its airspace and territorial waters for the United States.

So Turkey will possess nuclear weapons. Curious how Israel would look at it?

And in my opinion, it all started with a failed coup arranged by the FSA.

It all started with a tomato. Ah yes Putin!


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