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US buys Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome"

The Pentagon decided to acquire the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome".

The US Department of Defense has decided to purchase from Israel two anti-missile and anti-aircraft batteries "Iron Dome". Deliveries of these anti-missile and air defense systems are planned to begin next year, and although the amount of the contract is not called, experts believe that we are talking about a multibillion-dollar amount.

According to experts, on the basis of the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome" it is planned to create a new, more promising, than the current, air defense system, which will have to complement the existing Patriot complexes in the US. Nevertheless, there are also opinions that the United States plans to use the Israeli Iron Dome base to create missile defense systems that can effectively intercept missiles and projectiles moving at supersonic and hypersonic speeds, the main reason for which was the high efficiency of the Israeli reflection complex. attacks from the Hamas group.

It should be clarified that the Pentagon has not yet received any official comments on this matter.

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