The motives for the appearance of the Russian S-400 in Cuba became known.

The appearance of the S-400 in Cuba was called a futile occupation of Russia.

Placing Russian air defense and missile defense systems in Cuba proved futile. Since these funds will not be able to provide protection against cruise and ballistic missiles and will not pose any significant danger to American military aircraft.

“The main threat of the S-400 will be for civilian air traffic in Miami and its environs. In terms of military air traffic, there are only two airbases that will feel the effect of the S-400: Key West Naval Station and Homestead Air Base. Key West Naval Airfield is mainly a training center and one of the locations where drug control activities are held. Homestead Airbase is a base that has a small contingent in Florida - 12-24 F-15C Eagles fighters and 12 to 24 F-16C / D Fighting Falcons, that is, about 24-48 4th-generation fighters. 4th generation fighters are vulnerable to systems like the S-400. “Harmless” is the McDill Air Force Base, which houses 2 tanker airplanes, which means it can help attract more power. Aircraft that would be an integral part of working with the S-400 are the F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lightning II and B-2 Spirit. All these aircraft are invisible aircraft that will slip past the S-400. ”- сообщает "The Aviation Geek Club."

Moreover, the United States believes that, if necessary, the Russian S-400 in Cuba can be destroyed, however, experts say, to date, the United States does not have modern missiles capable of combating air defense and missile defense - all existing weapons are already morally obsolete and studied.

Well, if the Americans said that the S-400 would be useless, it means they did the right thing.

90 miles is 144,8 km

Well done! Just know what they have in common is marking.
That's it, couch expert.

It must be remembered that the S-400 launcher can be easily converted to launch attack cruise missiles. Yes, I think the Vanguards.

Where does the submarine “pop up” from there, if they rust at their own piers and go out to sea at a rate of 1 per year? “Small” Cuban damsels told fairy tales so that they would throw dollars on poverty?

Before starting the Iskanders, it is necessary to organize air defense.

After Khrushchev removed the missiles from Cuba, Castro (in the confrontation with the American military) was forced to develop bacteriological weapons and achieved great success in this. America if it bombed the warehouses with it, it would also suffer .90 miles not distance)))

0,3 megatons will throw a nuclear charge for 400 km. Here you have the bases.

goods for sale and goods in the family are two different things. In any case, if it concerns weapons. No one will equip the enemy with weapons that can harm themselves. Since 400 Turkey and S400 Russia are different in many respects and the Americans know this. Know and fear!

I think that all this is unpleasant for the Americans, the strengthening of air defense systems in Cuba ...

Parameters C 400 are known - they were sold to Turkey, a NATO member, a US ally. The simple defense of Cuba, nothing more.

The island of Cuba is (roughly) about 1200 km long and 300 to 40 km wide. And to the United States, it’s 90 miles, probably about 180 km. So located in the Pinar Del Rio province, the s-400 is quite they get themselves to the states with a guarantee, but it’s not necessary to cover the whole territory, but, for example, the Havana airfield, the ports of Havana and Mariel, Sitiago de Cuba, etc., large settlements, power plants, important warehouses and military units. state aviation will not be able to freely bomb Cuba and will suffer very large losses. And if they undertake a landing operation, then so unacceptable poteri.Oni know it and so Cuba does not agree well.

While the journalists are fighting among themselves! "Cool" experts!

And what is already decided? Will bomb the KR and? BR

So they would rather be placed.

The S-75 had such an Earth-to-Earth mode. And already the S-400. Yes, and what a difficulty. It's like gunfire.

who knows where the rockets will fly, if there is a need to launch, the stoves and those exploding have unmoved a lot of people. And then why do you take Russia into the ring of your missile defense if you believe in their futility. The very fact that Cuba sits in your “liver” is a big plus for our military, and there are still many opportunities ahead for throwing such “useless” complexes into other countries neighboring the USA.

clear business. and the range is not 400 km.

You are in vain about the road, but otherwise everything is correct.

you haven’t gotten something wrong?

the small one was resting in Cuba. They took the car there, the guide says expensive gas, the Americans are stopping the tankers in calling at the port. But Putin is helping, the submarine is floating up, holding tankers to the port :)

my friend, not quite like that, not 400km, but about 200-250km - this zone is the "guaranteed" destruction zone of the s-400, because from this distance, targets will no longer be able to escape from the rocket. all that further has a chance to leave the missile strike zone (400km) by turning on the afterburner. of course this does not apply to transport and BPA, they are too slow. so that they can approach 400 km and even “dive” into the 300 km zone without much risk.

We have already heard this American nonsense, the S-400 is like an oraz and is designed to destroy ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as any aircraft, when the S-400 was left in Serbia, they all boiled in boiling water and demanded that we remove the complex from Serbia, and here the United States does not bear any direct threat, these are all excuses for ordinary Americans, to calm them down, as they say, lies to the rescue, and at the expense of destroying the complex, they bent, not a single aircraft closer to the complex was 400 km closer to the complex will not come nearer, but he marks stealth perfectly, that why the Yankees do not entertain yourself with illusions.

yeah nah ... already crap .. introduce these missiles .. with unique data .. and can carry nuclear warheads ...

C400, like a worm virus ... the main thing is to stick your head first, and then the body will pass!

>> and it is possible to charge with-400 ground-to-ground missiles. <<
What for??? There are nuclear submarines that can be located in Cuban ports. Everyone should eat their carrots.

Naturally. You can even charge in the S-300)))))

And you can read more?

The Russians are so "crazy with frenzy" that soon ... Americans WILL nowhere to fly!)))

and you can charge with-400 missiles of the ground-to-ground class.

And I like the "optimism" of America. In this state, death is not terrible: “Chick, and you are already in heaven!” (As “Brokeback” used to say in the famous film). I wish you good luck, gentlemen Americans.


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