Details of the U.S. military attack on Russian officers in Syria

The details of the attack by the US military on Russian officers in Syria are disclosed.

A few hours ago a video appeared on which an American military armored car, at a speed of about 80-100 km / h, rams an armored car with Russian troops (there were several officers inside - approx. Ed.), As a result of which the latter didn't roll over on its side. As it became known, we are talking about a targeted attack on the Russian military.

On the presented video frames, you can see that several American military armored vehicles create obstacles for moving the Russian military convoy, after which one of the Russian armored vehicles bypasses American vehicles along the sidelines, returns to the road, intending to overtake another American vehicle according to the rules, but the latter is sharp goes left into the oncoming lane, after which the Russian military unexpectedly changes the direction of overtaking, as a result of which the American bron conveyor and deflected to the right and carries ram the armored car "Tiger", at the same time, passing under the wheels almost killed a civilian.

Specialists qualify the actions of the US military as a direct attack on Russian troops, moreover purposeful and planned, which indicates the fact that any contacts between the Russian and American military in Syria are completely useless.

That’s the question - why save them (Americans). It is clear that the Americans will sacrifice their soldiers in the next village of Syria, which would then accuse the Syrians of bloodthirstiness and send an army there or even worse to bomb. But here they were helped, but nevertheless, this is how they "help us"

Americans initially do EVERYTHING wrong. They should not be in Syria at all. But these robbers scored a bolt for the sake of their non-oil. And why should ours observe something when they do not observe anything.

But the Americans have nothing to do there.

Whom they cut off. Take a closer look. It was the first car in a column that they began to go around.

The Americans did everything right. There was no need to wedge so provocatively into their column and cut off the closing MRAP

It's time to officially declare Americans illegal armed groups


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