It became known that they will defend the Russian Su-57

The commander of the Air Force and Air Defense said that they will defend Russian Su-57 fighters.

Lieutenant-General Viktor Sevastyanov, as part of his report, stressed that the fifth-generation Russian fighters Su-57 will be based in the Southern Military District, and therefore, analysts have suggested that these Russian aircraft will primarily protect the southern part of Russia.

At the moment it is known that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has entered into a contract for the purchase of 12 fifth generation fighter aircraft Su-57. Most of these planes will be located in the Southern Military District, which will ensure maximum protection of the Crimea and the Rostov region.

"To date, the south of Russia is the most vulnerable. Nevertheless, in the next few years, fifth generation fighters will begin to be based here, which will significantly increase the defense capability. There is no doubt that Su-57 fighters will defend the Crimea ", - stressed the analyst

It should be clarified that to date in the same Crimea deployed one of the most powerful air defense systems, consisting of ZRPK "Pantsir", complexes S-300 and C-400.

In the coming years? who will give you years, it is not known what will happen in a month.