Rocket Iskander


It became known, where Russia can place its missiles near the borders of the USA

Experts have called the country where there may appear Russian missiles to deter the United States.

Chairman of the Board of the Center for Political Studies of Russia Yevgeny Buzhinsky, in an interview with the publication “Arguments and Facts”, stated that Russia mainly considers three countries to deploy its missiles in order to deter aggression from the United States. According to Buzhinsky, we are talking about such countries located in close proximity to the United States, like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

“There is a war in the east of Ukraine, Georgia has an unresolved conflict with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Placing missiles in such hot spots is extremely unwise. With the Baltic States is another matter. But in this case, Russia will have to switch to a preemptive strike policy. Or urgently negotiate with Cuba, Venezuela or Nicaragua on the deployment of missiles there. As for the expediency of sending our missiles overseas, in Venezuela, for example, it is difficult to talk about the stability of the regime now. And that means there is no point going there. Cuba and Nicaragua remain, where it is now possible, unlike the sixties, to deliver missiles by air. But that too will make war almost inevitable. ”, - said Yevgeny Buzhinsky.

Previously, analysts were able to establish that the deployment of the same Iskander complexes in Cuba will allow strikes on the majority of the territory of the United States of America.

Nevertheless, there is no official confirmation that Russia really intends to deal with the deployment of its missiles near the US borders, although experts do not exclude that during the recent visit of the President of Cuba to Moscow, this issue could well be discussed.

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