Donald Trump


It became known how Trump will avenge Russia for Syria

Trump is preparing a strong blow to Russia.

The differences between Russia and the United States over Syria have entered a fierce battle, and if Russia tries to weaken the position of the United States of America in the Middle East, bombing members of the armed opposition, militants and terrorists, exposing the weakness of the United States, the American president is preparing to deal a powerful blow to Russia itself.

As reported by Jisr TV, President of the United States of America Donald Trump is preparing to introduce a complete economic blockade of Russia, if Vladimir Putin decides to continue the offensive operation on the Syrian province of Idlib. What exactly should be understood by such a statement is still unknown, but analysts do not rule out that Russia can simply be disconnected from the Swift system, which will bring a catastrophic blow to the Russian economy.

At the moment, Russian military aircraft stopped bombing terrorists and militants in the province of Idlib, but it is due to this attempt to persuade the terrorists to capitulate and dispense with bloody battles, however, according to experts, the radicals will be able to decide their destiny only for 48-72 hours, after which the bombing will become much more ambitious.

I applaud standing!


and quickly

Which have not be avoided! The total blockade of Russia was made by the Americans under President Eisenhower, so that nothing new! It is necessary to develop ourselves, to hope for a kind "uncle" from the naive and stupid!

You need to decide the questions radically. Fuck and terrorists, and amerikosam. More dare not dare. And then a lot of President Putin with them all nurse. How can I discuss something with the topic where the leader has a fifth-grader brain (this is me about American women). Every nation deserves its ruler. Draw conclusions, which America, if it has such a president. So they do not give a damn about all their fumes. Our country has always been super, and people are smart and persistent without ponts.

Dear Mr. Trump. CONFISCATE RUSSIAN HANDS ALL ASSETS, ACCOUNTS, REAL ESTATE in the United States, Mandated Territories and Offshore. Strain all your allies to do the same in the territories of their states. Throw out of all the educational institutions of all the drafts of the Russian oligarchy. BANGES TO ENTRY IN THE USA, and strain your allies on the ban on the entry of all Russian citizens to the countries of the West. And who is already on these territories is justified - confiscation of all assets and expulsion. Candles for your health will be 90% of Russian citizens set.

Moya.Ne decide for Putin. Not grateful for this delo.Skolko in this empty field crap people

Simplicity on the stake will be planted

True words!

Russia can erase Pindosia in one move, stopping shipment of resources for dollars, but Putya will never do it.

Father! How much can you tolerate these humiliations, threats ....
The people and the army are for you, do not let them sneer at us, if we need to put our heads together for our holy Russia. As Alexander III said: - they are afraid of our vastness. And that's why you need to give them such a kick, so that you can calm down for ever ....

GDP must be harder !!!!! And in case of an attempt to strike on Syria, destroy several points from where the launch was made. We will not get anything for this !! Well, in view of the sanctions. Although more likely to crap and flee. And give 72 hours to withdraw the base from the territory of Syria. Otherwise it will be destroyed. And with other countries to communicate as amerikosy. In which case, enter troops or bomb. Only after such actions, the whole world will begin to communicate with us on normal. And take off sanctions.

The participation of the USA in flights to the ISS is already under serious question. By such steps they will achieve the termination of deliveries of rocket engines RD-180.
Similarly, the withdrawal of the remaining funds from US bonds by 40 billion.
separately worth noting the subsequent rejection of the dollar, which is already being discussed. And if there are investments in China, the US will tighten the loop on its neck.

Now or never

Corruptionists can only deal with boltology, because they have all the navarovoe behind the hillock.

I read such opuses and I am amazed that all these writers are building the United States as a kind of god, it can do everything, can and will not be afraid of anywhere, is it really so? There is no such thing, and the US will have to reckon with both Russia and others countries, the disconnection will suffer not only Russia as the author thinks but also America itself

Rare bastard. If you do not understand anything in politics, better keep silent, do not disgrace yourself.

The USA is a country in which the morons are ruled. Destroyed the peaceful Dresden, dropped the atomic bomb on Japanese cities, napalm destroyed Vietnamese, killed hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. For them, to deprive a person of life, like two fingers, is a bankrupt .... This country is a terrorist, which terrorizes the whole world after the collapse of the USSR. Name at least one country in the world where the states built a dam, paved the railway, built factories and factories after all sorts of revolutions? There is no such country. This country is the destroyer of peace on earth. My opinion, it's just that all these people who supposedly died at the hands of the GRU, simply did not need the UK, and they cleaned them themselves. All they needed was they got it. But it turned out the opposite effect. Now the traitors of Russia will reflect on whether it is worth betraying the country if they destroy you !! I think recruiting will be more difficult. They will be afraid of retribution. And if you look at the photos provided, then as in the game with the children, find 10 differences. The upper photo in the lower left corner has a rectangle with a date. On the bottom there. On the lower photo the camera is piled to the left, in order to hide the hole in the ceiling. In the lower right corner, below the inscription is a pause, a triangle. On the lower such a triangle there. The doors from the turnstile in the lower picture are not equally located relative to the bottom edge of the photo. On the top everything is OK. Is the airport built guest workers and installed the same camera. It turns out two photos from different sources of recording, which is nonsense. All cameras are on the server. And all photos should be the same, with the exception of photos of people. But it is not. Therefore, all this is called a circus !!

Nobody believes in elves, they believe in the US, because it is a country with a consistent foreign policy that always protects its interests and the interests of its allies. Unfortunately, they do not believe Russia, which does the opposite - a very controversial policy in which all are "partners", today Syria, tomorrow Turkey, the other day Israel, a country that does not know what its interests are or what it wants. Russia has left the Americans to kill dozens or hundreds of Russian citizens, and now it's time for Americans to kill Russian soldiers, because they know perfectly well that there will be no answer.

It's the same as how to press on a person, so that he would impose sanctions against the one who helped him become president, in their opinion. Circus.))

Our Western partners will understand that the sanctions against Russia will soon end physically? What's left is something. The ban on the operation with the dollar, blocking the SWIFT, declaring it a terrorist country, driving us out of the UN Security Council ... The main thing (a complete ban on the export of our hydrocarbons by Russia) is that the Pindos will not get a word out of it. NordStream 2 is not built in order to run the mouse through an empty pipe. Let them at least get the gopki. The rest - we will survive.