It became known about the preparations for the invasion of Western PMCs in the Crimea in May 2020

The intentions of the West to seize the Crimea have been announced.

Ukrainian television published information about the start of preparations for the military capture of the Crimean Peninsula with the participation of Western security forces. We are talking about an attempt to break through the checkpoint "Chongar", while the date became known - May 2, 2020.

“On May 2, the Crimean Tatars planned to massively cross the administration border with occupied Crimea through the Chongar checkpoint. <...> According to Chubarov, members of the Mejlis, MPs, and Western partners will be in the forefront. Crimeans do not exclude - a forceful version of a breakthrough to the occupied peninsula is possible ”- сообщает Channel Five.

Who specifically should be understood as “Western partners” is not specified, however, taking into account information about an attempt to force a breakthrough into the peninsula, we can also talk about attracting Western PMCs.

It should be clarified that this is not the first provocative statement on the part of Ukraine, however, Russia is ready to react harshly to any aggressive actions on its territory, in connection with which, there is obviously no danger, but at the same time factors that destabilize the situation remain.

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