Rocket complex Avangard


It became known about the secret testing of the Avangard missile system in 2014

Russia tested the Avangard GRK back in 2014 year.

Despite the fact that the first official launch of the Russian avant-garde hypersonic missile complex took place only in December 2018 of the year, a document was published on the Web, according to which the first launch of this complex was made back in 2014 year.

“Telegram” channel “Gallifrei Technologies” published a document according to which an agreement was signed on the performance of work on the preparation of КРТ (propellant components - editor's note) and refueling of the А35-71 product (UR-100Н UTTH rocket - approx. ) when conducting tests on the topic "4202" on the object "370". The document is dated 26 May 2014 of the year, while, according to the source, we are talking about a full launch.

It is reported that OCR "4202" is an experimental design work on the creation of the Avangard missile system, and the "370 object" is the launch pad in the town of Yasny (Orenburg region), where, by the way, the first official launch of the hypersonic Avangard missile system in December 2018.

In turn, it should be clarified that in the near future the UR-100N UTTH rocket will be replaced by the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic rocket, the development of which, according to data from the same source, has already been completed.

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