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It became known about a significant increase in the production of Iskander complexes

Russia is increasing release of "Iskander"

According to TASS, referring to the Deputy Minister of Defense of Russia Alexei Krivoruchko, production of the eleventh brigade complex of the Iskander-M television and radio company was launched in Kolomna.

It is known that the United States withdrew from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF). Washington cited the Russian rocket 9М729, launched from Iskander, as a reason for such a move. This year, the United States is going to test medium-range missiles (up to a thousand kilometers).

Moscow denies the possibility of launching a medium-range missile from the Iskander, but Western countries assert that the Russian 9М729 rocket is a land-based version of Caliber, which has an 2,5 range of thousands of kilometers.

According to experts, such missiles manufactured in the USSR are inferior to what they currently can do in Russia. Proponents of this situation appeal to the photographs in which you can see the elongated Iskander. They are confident that OTRK made specifically for 9M729. These missiles are about half a meter longer than the 9M728.

Now it is difficult to answer which specific Iskander-M complexes are manufactured in the Kolomna Engineering Design Bureau, and for which rockets they are intended. The Russian Defense Ministry has stated many times that none of the Russian missiles went beyond the INF.

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