Explosion in Iran


It became known about US strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities

In the USA, they announced attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a statement in which he said that attacks on nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are a preventive measure to deter this country from creating nuclear weapons.

“We are going to do everything necessary that needs to be done to ensure that this statement, this commitment, which, as the Iranians claim, they have made, is real, confirmed, verifiable, and we will never let this happen”- said Pompeo, emphasizing that strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities are a very real method of deterring Tehran.

Experts still call the statement by the US Secretary of State a bluff, believing that even in the latter case, Tehran slapped a powerful slap in the face of Washington for the liquidation of Suleimani, demonstrating the complete defenselessness of the US military in the Middle East.

«Iran may well develop nuclear weapons. Tehran already has carriers, and sticking a nuclear warhead to them is not such a big problem. Now imagine what a single nuclear missile can do when it strikes an American base in the Middle East. But what if there are several hundred missiles? ”, - the expert marks.

Among other things, analysts note the fact that Israel also has nuclear weapons, however, due to the “double standards” policy, there are no complaints against Tel Aviv.

Why with impunity? Iran apologized, accepted the blame and will fulfill all requirements. But the Americans, who shot down an Iranian plane thirty years ago, did not even apologize. And Ukraine, which shot down our plane, also just shrugged. You’ve made a mistake. And we have forgiven.

Have you already put that order in your place?

Thus began a nuclear war in the subway 2033. One country began to make nuclear weapons, another made strikes at it for it ... And everything resulted in the total destruction of the whole world. Of course, I don’t hint at anything, but ...

And Ukrainians need to restore order, since they shot down our Tu-154?

You look like Hitler No. 2

If you really need to punish, then first of all a US terrorist, and then Ukrainians.

And I think on the contrary, let the Arabs leave the Jews alone and bring down where they came from somewhere until 2020, because the Arabs have huge territories, unlike the Jews, and the fact that Jews live everywhere, they oppress them everywhere, anti-Semitism everywhere

Ukraine with impunity took the lives of 8 thousand civilians of Donbass.

And who calls US terrorism its own security? only usa.

I agree to all 100

Iran has long had to put things in order. They shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, with impunity.

Iranians need to sniff with North Korea and get a couple of warheads. This will be enough for the United States and Israel to manage.

let the Jews leave the Arabs alone and knock down where until 1949 they lived, it would be calmer there is no country in the world where Jews would not live even in China you will find

Damn Yankees are again waging war on the planet. How else have their God not turned away from them? During the holidays, the Jews are bombing.

There will be no answers, there will be a second Libya. The United States knows how to make coups, bribery and opposition to their horse. Enough money for everyone. I’m sure that the US threats are just a distraction. Surely the Iranian opposition is preparing a big mess and a coup. A downed plane is the first swallow.

There is a threat to the United States to strike at Iran’s nuclear power plants, that is, to completely peaceful sites, the question is, if Iran would arrange something similar to September 20 in the United States, would it be a terrorist attack, or also a preemptive strike against completely peaceful sites. Why is the real terrorism of the United States called its own security ???

The film "True lie." Who sold the vigorous grandmother? Type bad. And who said where are these bad? Do not forget that a certain number of weapons of the USSR disappeared. Who said that Iran does not have “Merv-3” Nobody knows.

But does Israel guarantee that its nuclear weapons will not fall into the hands of terrorists?

Until Iran provides a means of delivering YaB to the territory of the United States, the threat (really) in striking targets in Iran will be constantly present. No air defense and missile defense will help.
Only when the United States realizes that Iran can really deliver a NUCLEAR strike on their territory will everything calm down.
Iran needs to speed up the creation of ICBMs as much as possible.
In the meantime, as much as possible to demonstrate the real threat of the destruction of Israel. It is Israel.
For Iran, this is the only chance of its security.
And Iran can destroy Israel without having YaB, but simply using a "dirty" warhead, supplementing it (for efficiency) with cobalt.
The fact that the United States and Israel continue to threaten Iran suggests that they do not seriously take Iran’s capabilities.

Well, these gangsters from the USA are already shaking a nuclear club on our borders. Russia will be forced to engage in the fight against these actions of the United States, otherwise the nuclear cloud will inevitably cover our country, and this we do not need !!!

Fearlessness, by virtue of its ignorance, is never lasting.

And then the answer will come from Tehran, the aircraft carrier will sink and something will explode in America. And who needs it?

and if on American --- how the states will like it.

You listen, gentlemen, it is scary for the fate of the States. Iran sculpts slaps left and right, but for some reason the cheeks of the “victims” do not blush. But you can also understand: official duty, which looks like a favor.


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