It became known why Israel is attacking Syria with drones

The specialist told why the Syrian air defense weapons were attacked by military drones.

During the last military clash between Israel and Iran in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, against Syrian air defense systems, not ground-based or air-launched missiles were used, as previously claimed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and unmanned aerial vehicles, equipped with special charges, detonating during a collision. All this discouraged the experts, but the analyst portal personally expressed the assumption that it was the reason for the use of military drones.

"The reasons that the Israeli military resorted to the use of military unmanned aerial vehicles, there may be a huge number. In fact, the unmanned aerial vehicles themselves, and according to some information we are talking about drones IAI Harop, have incomparably lower cost compared to missiles. If necessary, these devices can fly at an extremely low altitude, in fact, a meter from the ground, which makes them unobtrusive and unaffected by the impact of electronic warfare. Moreover, according to the latest information, before the beginning of the rocket fire of Syria and air strikes, these drones were used, the main purpose of which was the destruction of close to the border with Israel air defense means that could attack Israeli aircraft ", - the military analyst believes.

It should be clarified that, according to the latest submitted data, the Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Pantsir-X1", as well as radar installation of Syrian air defense They were destroyed precisely by military drones, as evidenced by comparatively minor damages.

"Israel simply did not let the Syrian military recover and inflicted effective preemptive strikes, after which it began to inflict massive missile and air strikes, which became an important tactical move", - the expert concluded.

It should be clarified that as a result of the last Israeli attack, the Syrian radar, the Pantsir-X1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system, the Buk-M1-2 air defense missile system, and the S-75 and C-200 anti-aircraft missile systems were destroyed , which led to serious losses for the Syrian air defense system.

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