Launch of the C-300 missile


It became known how many aircraft of the Israeli Air Force can shoot down the Syrian air defense system C-300

Syrian S-300PM can destroy 80% fighter aircraft of Israel.

According to the data that appeared, Russia handed over to Syria three divisions of C-300PM “Favorit” anti-aircraft missile systems, according to updated information, we are talking about 24 mobile launchers (export version). Each division includes 8 mobile launchers, and as an additional weapon, Russia also transferred 300 anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian military, which makes it possible to deprive Israel of most of its own air force.

Despite the fact that the Israeli Air Force is considered one of the most powerful in the region, the updated Syrian air defense system can easily deprive the Israeli Air Force 80% of fighter aircraft. This is due primarily to the enormous differences between the complexes that were in service with the Syrian military, and those that appeared here for the first time.

“The probability of hitting an air target with C-300“ Favorit ”complexes lies within the 5% error. In fact, if all three divisions attack the enemy at the same time, only five pilots from 100 will have a chance to survive. ”, - the expert comments.

Despite Israel’s declarations of intent to attack the Syrian C-300’s positions with stealth aviation, analysts believe that in reality, Israel will not risk its own prestige and prestige of the most expensive American fighter.

Can knock, can not knock, time will tell.

Hey expert, did you hear about the cover of C-300?

On a bunch of drone there is a whole crowd of shell and tori! These without question will bring down everything that moves! And do not forget about the EW system !!!

By drone quality will work other means of destruction.

oh, these couches "iksperdy" ... Israelis have 400 combat fighters, as well as a bunch of UAVs fighting ... What prevents them from launching drones, and how C-300 will shoot out, calmly blow up launchers ... as with a shell It was

Why our s-zoo can only bring down 80 percent of Israeli aviation? Disorder must be corrected: ask Shoigu to add C-300 to the remaining 20 percent.

Airfields bomb everything and do not have to shoot down.

I don’t like when they hit so much on the “coffee grounds” when they hit them so much. During counter-aerial combat, not only planes will have to be shot down, even I would say less like missiles of various classes. issued by carriers. It is not professional to count the stock of missiles at the launch position to divide them into two (pointing two missiles at one target) and hence consider the possibilities for the destruction of aircraft. Guidance mode of two missiles at one target is a typical guidance mode. There are other modes of guidance and methods of using missiles (anti-aircraft missile). It all depends on the airborne interference situation.

So far, only Israel destroys everything. It's time to punish these sassy.

In Syria, the Russian Federation has supplied not the export version but the Russian complexes replaced with the 400 С.