Launch of the C-400 missile


The station "Kolchuga-M" in service with Israel, will create problems for C-300, C-400 and "Krasukhi"

The delivery of the Kolchuga-M Ukrainian station to Israel will create a lot of trouble for Russia and Syria.

Despite the fact that the Kolchuga-M Ukrainian radio intelligence reconnaissance station is rather neglected, which is primarily due to its almost 20 years of age, it is a formidable tool that opens up radically new opportunities for the Israeli military. In fact, Israel will get a unique opportunity to control all EW and air defense assets on the territory of Syria, as well as be able to intercept the airwaves of the Syrian and Iranian military, which will significantly increase the effectiveness of attacking ATS.

According to experts, the Kolchuga-M Ukrainian complex will allow Israel to make new attacks on Syria more unexpected, while any information from Syrian air and missile defense systems can be intercepted and used directly in the attack itself. Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact. that the Kolchuga-M mobile intelligence station is extremely resistant to the effects of virtually any electronic countermeasures, which should raise serious concerns.