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Airfare to Europe despite the Ukrainian sanctions will not change

Ministry of Transport: sanctions against Russian air carriers will not affect the cost of flights to Europe.

It is necessary to clarify that the latter concern was caused by the fact that the Ukrainian authorities have made about two dozen Russian air carriers in its own sanctions list, thus effectively prohibiting carry flights to Ukraine. Almost simultaneously with this news, there is evidence that due to changes in the route, the cost of air tickets from Russian cities in the cities of Europe could rise by up to 10 15%, which, of course, cause a lot of inconvenience.

According to experts, the actual flyby in Ukraine will not affect the cost of air tickets, because the increase in distance will be very insignificant and will not cause any trouble to air carriers and their customers. In addition, the Ukrainian sanctions themselves are under threat, as the authorities of the Russian Federation said that with regard to Ukraine will apply a similar action, which will cause Ukrainian air carriers much more damage.

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