The cost of the development of the Mi-38 helicopter increased by almost 1,8 billion rubles

The development of the Mi-38 helicopter allocates an additional 1,8 billion rubles.

Despite the fact that the work on the creation of a promising Russian Mi-38 helicopter has been going on for more than a decade, it became known that they will stretch for at least three more years, and the cost of designing will increase by almost 1,8 billion rubles.

According to a source directly familiar with the situation, the reason for the rise of the Mi-38 helicopter project is the execution of the final stage of research and development (R & D), for which it is planned to allocate about 1 billion 783 million rubles. It is planned to allocate the period from 2019 to the end of 2021 for the project, which means that the mass production of Mi-38 helicopters will not be launched earlier than the 2022 of the year.

What is the reason for the very impressive financial costs, so far remains unknown - there are no official comments on this account, but earlier it was reported that many Russian partners, including China and India, were already interested in the Mi-38 project.

Experts do not exclude that due to additional financial injections into the project, the cost of Mi-38 helicopters may increase significantly.