LAW C-400 Triumph


The cost of the C-400 missiles destroyed in the English Channel was estimated at 164 million dollars

The amount of damage caused by the destruction of missiles for C-400 has become known.

A few days earlier it became known that during the transportation of anti-aircraft missiles for the Triumph C-400, the sea-going ship got into a storm in the English Channel, as a result of which the missiles were damaged. According to the western press, part of the rockets was buried at all at the bottom of the English Channel, and although no details were provided by Russia on this point, it became known that the amount of damage was about 164 million dollars.

According to the data that has appeared, Rosoboronexport has filed two lawsuits against the Russian maritime agency Baltic Trans-Port for a total of almost 11 billion rubles for the damage caused. In particular, we are talking about the recovery of damages in the amount of the order of 10,5 billion rubles, as well as freight in the amount of 133,8 million rubles.

There have not yet been any official comments on this matter from the St. Petersburg transport company “Baltic Trans-Port”, but it should be noted that initially there was evidence in the Russian media that this was "A small number of damaged missiles"However, given the total amount of the claim, we can talk about more than a hundred destroyed anti-aircraft missiles.

the bottom of the Lamansch will be licked by the British Navy. what will they find?