NATO countries sent military advisers to Ukraine


NATO countries sent military advisers to Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, in an interview with MSNBC, clarified the alliance’s position regarding the military presence in Ukraine. He stressed that NATO has no intention of deploying combat troops in the country, although he confirmed the presence of military advisers from individual members of the alliance located in Ukrainian embassies.

Stoltenberg distinguished between the presence of military consultants and combat forces, emphasizing that the latter are not planned to be sent. The announcement comes amid discussions among Western leaders about possibly sending troops to Ukraine, as French President Emmanuel Macron mentioned in February. He expressed the view that nothing should be ruled out, although consensus on this issue has not yet been reached.

The Kremlin has already reacted to the possibility of stationing Western military personnel in Ukraine. Officials stressed that such actions would be perceived as a threat, pointing to the potential dangers of becoming directly involved in the conflict. It was also noted that intervention in the situation leads to increased tension and can cause serious consequences for all parties involved.


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