Putin and Ortega


Russia's strategic partners accused her of invading Venezuela

The whole New World demanded that Russia withdraw its troops from Venezuela

The Secretary General of the executive body of the Organization of American States (OAS) put forward a demand in the form of an ultimatum for Russia to withdraw its military contingent from Venezuela. The OAS includes all countries located on the American continent, except Cuba, that is, in other words, even a number of key strategic partners of Russia in this region, such as Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador, spoke out against Russian policy.

OAS Secretary General said that "Rejects the recent Russian military invasion" to Venezuela, since it is in the interests "Illegal government". Text "Ultimatum" points out that the introduction of military contingent is contrary to the Constitution of the country. The Basic Law provides for approval for the deployment of foreign military by the National Assembly (opposition to the current leadership of the country).

Given the open remarks against Russia, experts do not exclude that further military cooperation with a number of countries in this region of the planet can be interrupted, since there is no talk of an invasion - Russia only supports the legitimate Venezuelan authority.

You have something that you will not take very quickly. Check out your utility bill. In during. How much does a significant number cost there? Pay off. Then you will blather.

This is a test for lice .... And if we now surrender Maduro and leave Venezuela, everything, you can not stutter about Russia's prestige. And stand, the whole world will see that America has been blown away and is no longer necessary to fear it.

you're right! Venezuela must be supported

The electoral procedures in Venezuela are very strict and worked out. Much stricter than in the US, where you can come and vote several times in some states. In Venezuela, there are a lot of opposition observers who would be happy to find violations, but it does not work. Electronic devices everywhere. So leave the fable about the illegitimacy of Madura for illiterate and dishonest commentators and do not be like them.

I remember not long ago I read an article in the internet who would help Russia if necessary against the US, and what struck me was that Belarus, Armenia which participates in Syria with our contingent, Kazakhstan is not allies at all, but allies that are exactly with Russia Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela and Ecuador ... and the realis say something completely unfortunately.

You have strange explanations. And with a fright you suddenly decided that Maduro was a “creature”? And what about you doubts about this part. Chkgo, are you suddenly singing here in the manner of Radio Liberty? Pindosky singing, or what? Fed Maduro, you say? And the United States does not feed, is 30 coming up soon? What are you in the latter case about the "simple Russian people" do not remember? Or is it another thing? And where did you get that only "foreign" at the expense of us live? About the "proud Georgian folk" already forgotten? And about the "brothers from Ukraine"? About the "freedom-loving Baltic republics"? Something, brother, your memory is not just short, but also selective. Here you remember, and then forgot. So it turns out that you podindosny sang.

You do not know how to discurse correctly, so all your arguments are void!

I think that the enemies of Russia should not linger on this world.

Speak for yourself. For now nobody authorized you to speak for all the people. Boltun

Now imagine that your son reads your writing, if you have one, of course.

I will try to explain: if you did not elect, did not vote, and instead of you, someone voted will be considered, then did you vote? If Maduro, in violation of the procedure using the power, eliminated his opponents from the elections and deprived their voters of the opportunity to vote for their candidate and arranged for no-alternative games for the elections, he actually reassigned himself, then he should be fucked up and torn the fucking nits instead of fucking, so that everything legally. What the fuck people elected Maduro. And now this creature is also fed by taking money from the Russians. Saku their robbing just to keep some kind of idol overseas on a chair to hold. Then, when the USSR fed everyone away, now it continues. Already, such a policy and such an attitude towards the simple Russian people. All we have for idiots around the world hold. For their dick and just feed zabugornye uebanov.

A stupid peasant can read. It is written in black and white that foreign military can enter only with the approval of the National Assembly. It is not and can not be. Trump with the United States also decides something, but the Congress does not approve. Maduro half the world blames the election fraud. He was not recognized half the world in January. There all is not uniquely.

Well, let's for the sake of the impoverished Venezuela and the stupid Mamaduro, we will quarrel with the whole World! How not to lose even more in Venezuela. And the fate of the already invested can be solved in a loving way in a day.

Explain to me to a stupid peasant, whether there is a president in Venezuela or not whether his people elected him or not, just don’t have the right to accept the ball and carry other garbage, so we proceed from that PEOPLE elected Maduro

Who is asked for their opinion. Their policies are built to cheer up America and this opinion does not have