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Strelkov: Crimea will bomb, and Russia will be to blame

Former Defense Minister of the DNR Igor Strelkov made a shocking statement to Russia.

The former head of the Ministry of Defense of the Donetsk People's Republic Igor Strelkov (Girkin) announced that the war in Crimea would be inevitable and accused Russia of this. According to Strelkov, Russia will be to blame for the future war, which, in 2014, missed the opportunity to create Novorossia, which could cover the Crimea.

"War with Ukraine is still inevitable, they will not leave this territory. Moreover, they will wait for a convenient opportunity to continue to attack, this is understandable. This is not only the Donbass - it is they and the Crimea are attacking at a convenient opportunity. Four years have passed, a military solution is currently extremely problematic, Ukraine has created a powerful army, the Russian movement throughout the whole of Novorossia has been crushed almost completely. Yes, the population's discontent there remains, and it is considerable, but there are no organized structures, they are destroyed ", - said Strelkov.

At the same time, the ex-Ministry of Defense of the self-proclaimed DNR noted that Ukraine and NATO are already pulling troops to the Russian borders, stressing that all this testifies to the imminent beginning of hostilities - first in the territory of the People's Democratic Republic and the People's Republic of China, and then in the Crimea.

"And aviation, and land forces, and fleets - all this is pulled up and pulled, including, to the coast of Ukraine, and to the borders of Ukraine", - follows from the official statement.

Specialists in turn noted that Crimea at the moment is an extremely fortified region in the country where aviation, long-range missiles, modern air defense and missile defense complexes, navy and EW systems are based.

"Strelkov's statement is not entirely clear. And here is Novorossia, and where is the Crimea? The Crimea is well fortified and the weapons here are capable of destroying not only any enemy, but also half of the countries members of NATO ", - said the military analyst.

but listen to the strategist fucking-with Russia, the Americans need to communicate, and such warlords as Khokhlostan will be enough for half an hour!

Lines - who is this?
Ukrainian Field Marshal of the type of Pauls?

A small problem in 1687 year was not the Ukrainians. From the word absolutely. So I think it's not worth attributing the merits of those people to modern Ukraine.

tupol-m In Finland, have already gone, see what ended. And you can still give something to the World, except death, hatred, fucking, alcoholism, fascism, and slavery. You can not make cowards, let alone machines. You have the psychology of a bandit; I myself can not do anything, I will take it from the one who can. And bandits and thieves should be in prison!

I will allow myself to correct the author of the article: The Kyuchuk-Kainarji peace treaty meant the surrender by the Russian troops of Kars (Armenia) to the territory of the Crimea.

What kind of nonsense, what kind of army in Ukraine? Laughter and only if there was a strong army, then the donbass was wiped off the face of the earth ...

Partially agree with the author. Ukraine will wait for a convenient moment and will certainly launch a large-scale offensive on Donetsk and Lugansk. Regarding the Crimea, I believe that Ukrainians will commit terrorist acts, as in the rest of Russia. Putin does not recognize the LDP and the NDP because he is afraid of sanctions against his friends of oligarchs and officials from his entourage, whose children live in the West, where their money and real estate. From his indecisiveness suffer Russian people.

The Ukrainian army took Berlin, but helped Russia.

Crimea is now the district of A2AD The term has been particularly widely used by experts in modern military science since the development by Russia and China of long-range missile systems from PTRC, air defense and anti-ship missile systems that create a "protective sphere" to which NATO troops can not penetrate without risk of unacceptable damage. In addition, in the Crimea, a developed system of EW creating an echeloned defense to 400 km - that is, at the maximum work at this distance does not work any radio electronic device except ours of course - remember Donald Kuu - went crap flee and the floor of the team quit

The refusal to recognize the DNR and LC is another manifestation of Putin's cowardice.

Noticed about Strelkov is true Unrecognized "commander" was not destiny, can not calm down and everything is talking about 2014 year. He would be ashamed and did not drop his honor. Better would offer his recipe. Many people can criticize and predict

Before the conquest of the Crimea, the Russian Empire was going on for quite a long time. Back in the late XVII century. for this purpose, on the orders of the kings, two major military campaigns were carried out. In the first of them, which took place in 1687 p., Together with 60-thousandth Russian army participated 50 thousand Ukrainian Cossacks, headed by Hetman I. Samoilovich. During the campaign to the Crimea in 1689, the combined army consisted of 100 thousand Russian and 40 thousand Ukrainian, controlled by Hetman I. Mazepa.This grandiose military operations given various reasons failed, but, as we see, Ukraine's resources, first of all , the Russian monarchs used the monarchs in their struggle for access to the Black Sea.In the following, XVIII ct.s after securing on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Russia with new forces begins to fight the Ottoman Empire for the right to be one of the owners of the Black Sea. 1735-1739 pp. From was marked by the fact that the Cossack regiments from Left-bank Ukraine (Hetmanate), Slobozhanshchina and Zaporizhzhya Sich were directly included in the Russian army. According to the military register of 1739 Ukrainian there were 32 thousand people. It was the Zaporozhye Cossacks in May, 1736, who were the first to cross Sivash and led by the Kosh Ataman I. Malashevich reconnaissance was carried out in the rear of the enemy.After some time the Cossacks defeated the horde of Nuredin Sultan (one of the deputies of the Crimean Khan) and seized his banner, a bunchuk and a mace. During this battle, about 200 Sichoviks were killed, and only during the whole war the heads of almost 1 500 Ukrainian Cossacks were laid. In particular, during the receipt of Geslev (modern Evpatoria) in June 1736, the Mirgorod Colonel Pavel Apostol was mortally wounded. And in the battles for the Crimea a famous Ukrainian chronicler, Gadach's colonel Grigory, died. 16 June 1736 corps of Major-General Repnin in which there were about a thousand Zaporozhians even conquered the Tatar capital Bakhchisarai. That's how highly the Russian commander B. Minich estimated the actions of the Ukrainian: "... they are on the march in the enemy's land always ahead". In subsequent years Zaporizhzhya Sich served as a frontier outpost of the Russian Empire in the confrontation with Istanbul over the Crimea. In addition, the Cossacks conducted constant reconnaissance of the readiness of the Turkish and Tatar forces and reported on this to the Kiev and Petersburg authorities. A great deal of Ukrainian participation was also accepted in the Russian-Turkish war 1768-1774 pp., Which, in fact, ended with the conclusion of the mentioned Kyuchuk-Kainarji world.

The rifleman of Putin's rights has been stupid, the law does not interest anyone, or, more accurately, in the modern world, power is the law.

And that there will not be an answer? Next time there will be sacrifices and again the power of the morning-do? Panties.

Did he want power? -A man does not know, Svetlana, who knows what and what he wanted. And as for who will allow you to take away, you, the light, and you will allow for tryndet from the couch - not to bury your fellow soldiers.

No expensive Dmitry, Donbass was late for 2 months, and he had a referendum only in May! In Crimea, there are a lot of Soviet military pensioners who immediately blocked all roads after the maidan, and the road leads to Crimea alone, the terrain helped, and from the sea they could not, they could not, they had wrecked ships! Complexes that now stand in our country will not allow anyone to bomb CRIMEA! And they bought Svetlakova how our liberals buy!

Take the history and read it first, and then write it! besyat such dumb as you

More and more hard in my brain the version that Strelkov - just a provocateur, a rascal. God grant me, if I'm wrong.

When did the Crimea become Russian from time immemorial? And are not you part of Poland to return? Then read the story of the beginning of the Second World War.

Strelkov could not hold power, and that's what he's got all the nastiness about. Take heart, uncle, who will allow us to pick up what ours is from the end of time. Russia has not yet returned everything. Still ahead. We do not need someone else's, but we will not give up ours and return it peacefully.

Balabol this Strelkov that does not say everything happens to the exact opposite.

Shooters is who? Balabol who dreamed of becoming the great ruler of Novorossia and all! Provocateur and state criminal! All the troubles of Russia and the Donbass for this man. It's not like not accepting that he is already throwing back politics!

This "nothingness" captured and held Slavyansk with its surroundings without any support until a treacherous order to leave it (and the background-shale gas in the vicinity-necessary for the Americans). Make conclusions to the gentlemen who benefited from it !!!

Who is Strelkov, read above, but who is "Vasya" -divanny strategist.

Girkin is a military man, why did you take it? Girkin was never an officer, if not counting when he reconstructed the battles and arranged for himself officer's epaulettes. He is a coward and a coward. He knows him there for three or four months he was buying up rare weapons and awards and in the Donbass was engaged in the fact that he robbed museums from Slavenska and Gorlovka to Donetsk. From him an officer like a bastard dick. It's a pity in his time in 2014-m "Bes" and Zakhar did not find a court gave and shot as a cowardice and looting.

Who is Girkin-Strelkov? A nothingness, which was its own and kicked out of the Donbass in its time. He is now like Yanukovich in exile. Tremble all heresy, so as not to forget. look - still hug with a pig's snout will be soon!

> And here is Novorossia, and where is the Crimea?
As Soloviev-Shapiro said "And no one promised you that Russia will help."
However, nothing new is typical for the Jewish-American clique. First they crap when the Americans said they would disconnect Swift and the Jewish-American billionaires lose money. Then they crapped from the revival of Russian nationalism, vomiting out of it from the tel avizor shit about internationalism and solidarity with the fascist state Israel (US ally). Who remembers those ethers - knows how out of nowhere appeared expensive Semitic experts on all issues, such as the unforgettable Satanovsky aka "Israel shot down and will shoot down the Syrian planes" and Yakov Kedmi.


Shooters are right, since since 2014 of the year fat bogs of the piggy parashenko have declared that they will prepare for war with Russia .. And practically they are doing it already 4 a year, and the help from the hill is also on it .. And it is known that the gun on wall sooner or later will shoot .. Or it should be decided in 2014 year or press them constantly .. And chatter .. Find for the enemy ..

The agents of the SBU have either given Girkin some food or fed him hallucinogenic mushrooms, maybe even drinking with Petro Oleksiy, that such a heresy began to weave!

Reminded. Will you remind yourself?) You are a piece of cowardly meat and fat. Because of people like you, we live the worst in Europe. How I hate stupid people, like you. You probably over the past five years, nothing heavier than his penis did not raise, and then reminded to gather. And take off the sticker from the car (we can repeat it), you're not capable of it.

Never say never"! NATO has many times more weapons, so Russia is forced to use the most powerful weapons, which include nuclear and thermonuclear, vacuum, volumetric and other, in large numbers, but low power, which may not lead to cross-border influence. That is, the power of the charges can be minimized.

In principle, everything is possible. A military man understands what he says, catches the mood of Ukrainian radicals, with what did Germany begin after the defeat in the First World War ?! Her then situation was worse than now Ukraine, so you should not relax, it will come out, clearly radicals will inevitably suffer a defeat in the course of extreme events, but if we allow our own quiet waiting for the passage of time, we need to create "triple" mites , a military hub, including the Kaliningrad region, the Donbass and the Crimea to the alleged aggression, if it suddenly arises with one massive blow "strangulate" in the bud! History teaches, never for Russia should not repeat 41 a year!

the mistake was made in 91 year it was impossible to Ukraine and Belarus from Russia to separate

Do not you like it very much?

Gives himself up as a strategist though he is famous only for running

And who is this Girkin? Just a traitor, who wanted to become famous, but who was deceitful and ran away from the NDP. Why is it covered on the Internet?

Girkin's delirium is already boring. All he whines and whines.

Russia has two ally with its army and navy. This was said by Alexander lll, not by Nicholas ll.

Girkin long prophesies Russia collapse, as faded from the DNR, but it did not happen ... Yes, and who, even for the Crimea, wants to get a nuclear strike on his head ?!

He is delirious, hard-boiling or smoking something.

Correctly! Then we'll go to Finland - it was ours long before the Crimea. And Poland, by the way, too. Yes, and Italy since the time of Suvorov Russian likes - we will hold a referendum there, and it will be ours too. And Paris! Did Paris forget the Russian Cossacks? Well, we will recall. Correctly wrote the poet Alexander Eisner: "Oh jumped the cooks in the Bois de Boulogne wood to chop firewood ..." We in the entourage of Georope will break the firewood - will not seem a little! And our Crimea, and all ours!

Right! They betrayed, changed their minds ... And in Donbas and Lugansk it was necessary to seize everything (with Mariupol together), but the government struck. The shooters are right, that the whole of Europe and practically the whole world are against us and if it starts ... And this is not the Great Patriotic War, where there is strong Germany against us and a bunch of jackals and for us (without investing heavily and especially with human reserves! ) United States, England ...

Mr. Strelkov really wants Russia to solve all the problems of Novorossia, investing not small money and sending Russian soldiers there! Is it civil war in Ukraine?

And you take into account the fact that the people who wanted to release the Donbass. In that world)) because the order was not over. The referendum was not only in the Crimea. And in the Donbass at the same time ... 100 percent voted for the withdrawal ... but they took the Crimea continue to release the Donbass ....

What can I say! Call Alexander!

100 percent of the population of Donbass, along with the Crimea, voted to go back to Russia. The referendum was not in the Crimea. And in the Donbass and the Crimea for the departure of this entire territory ... only that they ignored the Donbass. And people think that they did not want to)))

How long has the prophylactic examination been?

We have no more defender, only the bearded Kadyrov left Russia?

I think that in part he is right, we had to introduce troops to Novorossia, we are already called by everyone, but we do not have to join Russia yet. Set up a forum about the independence of the given territory, and there itself will gradually be destroyed, who and with whom he wants to be.


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