Su-30 was ready to shoot down an American military aircraft

The reconnaissance mission of the American military aircraft almost ended in destruction.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Defense reported on the interception of the US military reconnaissance aircraft EP-3E Aries, which tried to enter the airspace of the country.

According to the information provided, the American military reconnaissance aircraft even attempted to enter the airspace of Venezuela, which was already recorded several months ago, but the fighter flying out of one of the country's military air bases (presumably Su-30 - Ed.) Forced the crew of the American aircraft to drastically change your course.

As follows from the information provided by the Venezuelan media, if the American military aircraft had not been noticed by the Venezuelan Air Force fighter, and still entered the country's airspace, the fighter crew would take all measures to force the military aircraft into the country, not to mention about the readiness to use weapons

What kind of mission the US military reconnaissance aircraft EP-3E Aries performed is unknown, but experts believe that this is another provocation created by Washington to increase pressure on this Latin American state.

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