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Air company Azur Air


The court fined "Azur Air" for 600 thousand rubles

The Azur Air Airline was fined 600 thousand rubles.

The World Court of the Soviet District of Krasnoyarsk decided to fine Azur Air Air carrier by 600 thousand rubles for numerous delays in its flights. It is reported that it is mainly about the delays of flights performed in the summer of this year, which in turn delivered passengers a lot of problems, while it is possible that the carrier can be banned from flying abroad, at least with such an initiative earlier Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Not so long ago, Russia joined the Montreal Convention, so that fines for carriers can grow at times, and the rights of passengers will be protected properly.


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I must say that considering the harsh conditions in which companies operate, flight delays are definitely not the fault of the AK employees. But we, the passengers, are all such important persons, let's sue all the small airlines of the country and finally we'll fly on time, on the coolest airline but three times more expensive.