VIM-Avia airline bankruptcy


The court will consider the case on the recognition of "VIM-Avia" bankrupt

The Moscow Arbitration Court will today consider the case on the recognition of the airline VIM-Avia bankrupt.

The statement of claim against the air carrier "VIM-Avia"Was filed by VTB Bank, and as noted earlier, according to the statement of claim, VTB Bank demands to recognize the air operator bankrupt. According to experts, the main reason for filing the claim was the serious debt of the air operator, but the detailed reasons are not disclosed.

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that last fall VTB Bank already filed applications against this airline, and two cases were won, and if earlier the air carrier noted that the debt is not large, it later became clear that the amount of the airline's debt to the bank was about 2.7 million dollars.