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The Court will collect from SC "Antonov" 180,3 mln. Rubles

Russia intends to collect from the SC "Antonov» 180 million. Rubles for breach of contract concluded.

Due to the fact that the SC "Antonov" failed to fulfill the terms of the previously concluded contract on the construction of the AN-70, the Moscow Arbitration Court decided to recover from the Ukrainian companies the amount of 180,3 million rubles. In fact, the contract itself between the two countries was signed back in May 1989 years, however, even more than 20-year period, a positive result was not achieved in this process.

It should be clarified that the current hour of the Ukrainian side is that in any way has not commented on such a court, but given the cold relations between the two countries is likely to seek a solution will be possible only through other institutions.

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