An aircraft-2


The crazy trick of the pilot "corn" impressed Internet users

The pilot of the old Soviet An-2 showed unique tricks.

The professionalism of the pilot of the Soviet airplane An-2, also known as "corn", impressed the Internet users. This is due primarily to the fact that the pilot, masterfully controlling his aircraft, was able to fly over the lake in such a way that the wheels of the aircraft barely touched the water. This trick is considered very dangerous, since any mistake can lead to catastrophic consequences, and given the respectable age of the Soviet "corn", the pilot's actions also caused an indescribable delight.

Nevertheless, not all were impressed by the actions of the pilot of the aircraft An-2, in particular, experts call the trick performed by frank madness, especially since the "corn mower" itself is not intended for such flights, and it is not difficult to guess what would be the outcome of such an attempt to demonstrate skill, make a fatal mistake.

It should be clarified that in recent years, the number of incidents with Soviet An-2 aircraft has increased significantly, and therefore new aircraft of the same class are replacing these aircraft.

* An-2 is a Soviet light multi-purpose aircraft. It is a piston single-engine biplane with a wing wing. Equipped with an engine ASh-62IR design of A. D. Shvetsov.