Ship explosion


MiG-23 supersonic fighters destroyed a ship with Turkish weapons off the coast of Libya. Video

Supersonic fighters of the Libyan National Army destroyed a ship with weapons and ammunition off the coast of Tripoli.

A few hours ago, released information that MiG-23 supersonic fighters armed with X-23 missiles were able to destroy a ship transporting weapons and ammunition for the Government of National Unity of Libya near the Libyan capital.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the deck of an unknown marine vessel is almost completely engulfed in flames, while no information about the victims, victims and material damage is given.

According to some reports, the ship with weapons and ammunition for the Turkish mercenaries and the forces of the Government of National Unity of Libya was sent from Turkey, however, at the moment there is no information on this subject.

Judging by the shooting range, the ship was destroyed already in the territorial waters of Libya, while earlier, the LNA forces had already announced their readiness to sink any sea vessels that would try to enter the country's territorial waters without permission, and, obviously, this is the first evidence Haftar’s serious intentions.

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