Syktyvkar ATB is no longer needed?


Syktyvkar ATB is no longer needed?

ATB of the former advanced SOAO (Syktyvkar unified air group - in Soviet times), then the names were changed to: ATB Komi Avi, ATB Komiaviatrans - UTair (Karavaev and Kuklin) are going to be liquidated before the end of the year.

Today, having “squeezed out” everything from the aircraft, the Tu-134 is cut into metal, two remain “on the wing”, plus all An-24 is transferred to the KATEK airline (a subsidiary of the UTair aircraft). The aviation and technical base, one of the largest in Russia, which survived the restructuring times, performs all types of work on Russian technology, has all the preparatory production workshops, is closed, aviation specialists with vast experience are asked to leave, and this is when President Putin .AT. speaks of a shortage of technical specialists when flight safety is paramount. It is no secret that aviation specialists in servicing aviation equipment are less and less.

In 1996. the former co-pilot Kutuzov MV, with the help of the government of the republic, creates his own a / k Kominteravia based on this airline industry. The planes are derived from the state property of the Komi Republic, part of the buildings and structures are transferred to their personal property (from significant objects belonging to the airline: the Polet canteen, the Aviator club, some of the buildings at the airport). Successfully cooperating with a / k UTair, having the largest park in the country, Tu-134, An-24, ATB continued to serve the same aircraft under the new owner, then the interests of Kutuzov and UTair a / k dispersed. Aircraft Tu-134, An-24, ATB were transferred to UTair, Kutuzov M.V. Was listed in the search.

Airplanes, buildings are state owned and required save a unique team. If, nevertheless, ATB is closed, then it will be impossible to recreate it.

The open question remains: who will serve Russian aircraft in the region?

Appeal of the labor collective of aviation-technical base (ATB) of UTair-Express airline Syktyvkar