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The Taliban shot down an American military plane Bombardier E-11A over Afghanistan - one of a kind. Video

The Taliban shot down an American airliner over Afghanistan.

A few hours ago, in the airspace of Afghanistan, an American military plane was shot down, on board of which there were American troops. It has become known that the Taliban fighters are behind the destruction of a military aircraft.

According to a number of sources, the military aircraft belonged to the US Air Force. The initial data on the defeat of a civilian airliner by a rocket were not confirmed, as evidenced by the video made at the crash site, in particular, the US Air Force emblem can be clearly seen on the presented video frames.

Information about the victims of the Taliban militants is very controversial, in particular, according to some sources, 12 people were killed as a result of a guided anti-aircraft missile, while other sources claim that US military personnel were also on board the repeater , and the number of victims and is estimated at several tens.

Representatives of the US Department of Defense have not yet commented on the destruction by the Taliban of their aircraft, however, it is noteworthy that at the time the missile hit the American aircraft, the latter was at a height significantly exceeding the range of destruction of air targets by portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS), which does not exclude the possibility that full-fledged short-range air defense systems could appear on the armament of the militants

It should be clarified that the U.S. Air Force was armed with only one Bombardier E-11A repeater aircraft.

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