The collapse of the aircraft in Ukraine


The technical report on the collapse of MH17 will be published in October

The Netherlands will publish a technical report on the crash Boeing 777 in Ukraine in mid-October.

The statement was made after the media accused the authorities of the Netherlands of trying to hide the truth about the crash of a passenger airliner for more than a year, which in turn is alarming about the realities of the catastrophe. Nevertheless, the fact that the experts will provide only a technical report suggests that most likely no details about the crash that took place that killed nearly three hundred people will appear, but only well-known information that the plane was shot down will be made public. .

Experts from the Netherlands have already been subjected to harsh criticism from the relatives of the victims, in particular, as learned, investigators are accused of their complete incompetence and unprofessionalism, because after a year no details on the incident have been revealed, nor has then it is not possible to establish the guilty side, and all indirect accusations have absolutely no evidence.

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