Bomber Su-24


The body of the deceased pilot of the Su-24 brought to Ankara

The body of the Russian pilot Su-24 was taken to the capital of Turkey.

In the near future, the body of the deceased pilot of the Russian Su-24 front-line bomber will be sent to Russia, however, specific dates for this have not been named.

It is necessary to clarify that under very mysterious circumstances, 24 November 2015, the Turkish F-16 fighter attacked a Russian military aircraft, resulting in the death of one of the crew members. According to the Turkish Air Force Command, the Russian plane violated Turkish airspace, and after several warnings was shot down, however, international experts, including several representatives of NATO member countries, noted that there was no actual violation of Turkey’s borders.

Currently, in fact the tragedy of the destruction of the Russian Su-24 carried out a detailed investigation, however, the relationship between Russia and Turkey has interrupted on a number of earlier cooperation.

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