The territory of Lithuania and Poland is subjected to an unprecedented attack by electronic warfare systems

The territory of Lithuania and Poland is subjected to the most powerful EW attacks.

Monitoring resources recorded powerful attacks by electronic warfare systems on the territory of Lithuania and Poland neighboring the Kaliningrad region. Apparently, we are talking about the work of a narrowly focused electronic jamming complex, since the GPS jamming sector is relatively small, however, it seriously blocks the work of electronic reconnaissance aircraft, prevents the use of drones, etc.

On the images provided by the GPSJam service, one can see that anomalous disruptions in the operation of satellite navigation tools are recorded in the area of ​​the Suwalki corridor. So far, it remains unknown which particular complex is used to organize GPS suppression. However, such situations have not been observed here before, - judging by the data of open sources, the situation began to be observed here since March of this year.

So far, it has not been possible to obtain more specific information about the operation of electronic jamming equipment in this region, however, apparently, electronic warfare equipment only jams GPS equipment at high altitudes.


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