Himataka in Syria


Terrorists conducted a new chemical attack in Syria

Syrian city of Saklabia underwent a gas attack of terrorists

An 21 man was taken to the hospital in the Syrian city of Saklabia. According to the SANA news agency, this happened after the militants fired at the town. They fired several rockets around the city. After that, people who were close to their gaps, felt a strong indisposition. In all cases, symptoms of household gas poisoning were present.

In January, news agencies reported that militants from the Adjad Al-Kavkaz, Jaish Al-Izza and East Turkestan Islamic Movement groups (banned in the Russian Federation - Ed.) Were delivered to some Syrian provinces five hundred liters poisonous substances. The agents intended for subsequent chemical attacks were delivered by means of UAVs.

The Russian Foreign Ministry 15 March was expressed “Serious concern” information that the militants are preparing for the staging with the use of toxic substances, while the White Helmets should have provided them with support.

In April last year in the media there were reports of himatak on the Syrian city of Duma, while, as it follows from the reports, civilians were killed. In the media space, White Helmets commercials were distributed, in which physicians rescued people poisoned by gas. Soon, 14 of April the United States of America, Great Britain and France launched a missile attack on Syria.

In the case of an internal civil conflict, Maduro is unlikely to help the Russian military base.