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Precise VKS strike destroys huge column of terrorists heading for reinforcements in Idlib

Russian military aircraft destroyed Syrian terrorists in a hurry for reinforcements.

A huge column of Syrian terrorists, rushing to the aid of the militants in the province of Idlib, which included several hundred armed persons, armored vehicles, weapons and ammunition, was unexpectedly destroyed by the Russian Aerospace Forces. The incident occurred the night before, while the convoy was moving along the highway connecting the Syrian cities of Afrin and Azaz, while, according to preliminary data, at least 40 terrorists were killed as a result of an air strike by the Russian Aerospace Forces, and all the armored vehicles they used were either completely destroyed or brought into a state of complete unusability.



On the presented video frames you can see the first moments that passed after the missile strike of the Russian aerospace forces. Warped technology, flaming cars and panicking terrorists - all this clearly indicates that the militants are simply demoralized.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the terrorists who decided to delve into the province against the backdrop of a growing offensive operation by the SAA, or whether the militants deployed additional forces to the fronts, however, the losses among the militants indicate that the Syrian operation Idlib Provincial Liberation Force is very effective.


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