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"It drowns ships and destroys radar": the Russian EW complex is actively discussed in the world

The world is showing an active interest in Russian EW complexes.

Against the background of recent events, foreigners began to actively look for information about the mysterious Russian EW complex, which is capable of sinking warships and making radar systems useless. Of particular interest to the Russian EW complexes manifested after, according to analysts, Russian electronic suppression systems could cause a Norwegian frigate to collide with a tanker And caused high failures of the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome".

It should be clarified that there is no official confirmation that the Russian electronic warfare systems were the reason for the failure of the Israeli missile defense system, but foreign users of the Network paid attention to the fact that before the deployment of a Russian EW in Syria, Israel has never had problems with intercepting Palestinian missiles.

Not less questions all over the world caused the fact of the collision of a Norwegian frigate with a tanker. In fact, as stated in the official report, the warship systems did not see the tanker, as a result of which the collision occurred. According to experts, this could well be the impact of Russian electronic suppression systems.

It should be clarified that the requested information mainly concerns the Russian complex "Krasuha-4", but around the world they are actively interested in other Russian systems of electronic warfare and electronic suppression.

This is a war, and it does not happen without loss. It should be borne in mind that our "partners" supply modern man-portable air defense missiles to the bogeys. If you do not take into account the loss of aircraft for those. reasons, with that density of combat missions when bombing assault strikes, the losses will be minimal if you can say so

Javadxan is the best EW system, with the most destroyed aircraft in Syria - 17.

Well yes!!! Since 17 century in the Caribbean is our EW and drowns anyone without getting !!! Glory to Russia and at the same time Shoigu with Taburetkin !!!

And it will sell abroad as C-400 ...

My friend walks on the Dutch cargo ship captain. So after the events with the downed IL-20, he twice walked around Latakia on his ship. He claims (and I believe him, although he is a skeptical mindset) that every time his navigation system was turned off completely on the ship and the connection was lost. He said "that now he was convinced that the GDP did not ruffle the language, but told the truth that everyone would know and see about the measures but later," so that like that journalist: the frigate of Norway sank from a collision with a dry cargo ship "no-match" Just now It is time for the gentlemen of NATO to remember how to navigate by the stars and the sectarian.

The more oaks in the Army, the stronger our defense ...... because of the likes of you and our generals ..... children read and think who we are and who .... NATO is less 6 times smaller than Krasnodar Territory , France in 4 times less than the edge of England. In 2 Fold ...... and you are a bitch at every news whining that the children and nafig you licked it ...... and the fact that we are physically and mentally trampled into shit with 98 years when the deputies passed 2 directions in the storming of Grozny when our heads are cut and we sneak on the podium with words we will show you ..... then you are not right to come down from heaven to earth Anyone like me 68 thousand

What is the point of knocking down everything? It’s not yard squabbles who are cool. That the plane flew, an established fact and is known, means Russian radars are working, and competent persons who calculate all the risks decide to shoot down or not shoot down. Around our bases in Syria and near the borders of the Russian Federation they flew, fly and will fly to gather information and provoke our armed forces to aggressive actions, the main thing is to designate these flights and not unleash a new war if there is such an opportunity! Our country has experienced more than any other country what war is and there is possibility of not imposing the citizens of the Russian Federation of a possible war, we must not patsanski fists in the chest pounding, and think a head and not to provoke cries of -ALL gone!

In Norway, the frigate drowned Russia (blinded the entire team and she didn’t see the tanker's impending mass), in Israel, it also prevented the ultra-modern and absolutely impenetrable Iron Dome from knocking down the antediluvian rockets - it’s still not a bad dancer that prevents Russia from dancing, but some what else?
Maybe enough already their flaws and armlessness to dump on the machinations of the Kremlin?

Maybe enough to invent? Development and design of 70-x !!!

Seriously? For a banana republic it is very uncharacteristic to create something ... Maybe it was stolen again? I am surprised, because the last thing we did was delirium.


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