Donald Trump


Trump: Israel allows itself too much

The US president wants to punish Israel for being overly impudent.

The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, said that lately Israel has begun to indulge in too much criticism of Washington. According to the American president, the authorities of this country forget, due to which Israel was able to achieve power in the Middle East.

According to analysts, in the near future, relations between the United States of America and Israel can seriously deteriorate. This is due primarily to the statement of the American President Donald Trump, in which he sent an unequivocal reproach to Israel.

“I gave Netanyahu too much. I moved the embassy to Jerusalem. We provide Israel 5 with billions of dollars in free aid a year. I can be tough with Netanyahu in peace terms, just as I was tough with the Palestinians ”, - said the American leader.

Experts do not exclude that Trump’s conclusions are very hasty, since Israel may well deprive the United States of a number of opportunities in the Middle East, following the example of Saudi Arabia, which is clearly at odds with the national interests of the United States, including the military air bases provided by the United States, ports for warships, etc.

According to the information available to, similar information appeared even during the meeting between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, at the end of September of the current year.

It should be clarified that the official response from Israel to the announcement made by Trump, has not yet been received.

Who is he to punish?