Saudi Arabia and Russia


Trump risks making Saudi Arabia a friend of the “Russians”

The President of the United States is walking on very thin ice.

Relations between the United States of America and Saudi Arabia have seriously cooled, against the background of which experts stated that Trump, because of its principles, could lose its main ally in the Middle East. According to experts, if the United States of America is “overreaching”, then Saudi Arabia may become a friend for the “Russians”, and this will be the strongest political, military and economic blow for Washington.

“Trump is either trying to play with Saudi Arabia, intending to expose its dependence on partner relations with the United States, or does not understand that he can lose his main ally in the Middle East. If relations between the two countries are seriously cooled, then oil for the United States will rise in price seriously, the Pentagon will lose its military bases, and Saudi Arabia itself will become Russia's best friend. ”, - the expert notes.

Earlier, the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, said that the United States could not defend Saudi Arabia, which would be her strongest blow, against the background of which analysts said that this country could well acquire Russian Su-35 fighters combat qualities of the same F-35, as well as high-performance air defense and missile defense systems, including the Pantsir air defense system and the Triumph C-400 air defense system.