Transaero Airlines


"Transaero" closed class of service "Discount"

Airline "Transaero"Ceases to class" Discount service. "

As the general director of Transaero airline noted, the closure of the Discount class is associated with economic considerations, however, experts suggest that in reality, other factors could contribute to this, especially since it is known that this class of passenger service was very popular .

Information resource notes that over the past month about the airline "Transaero" appeared very much not been clarified before the end of the circumstances - initially airline ceased flights in a number of popular destinations, and to date, cease to serve the class "Discount" passengers. According to experts, this is due mainly to the transition under the control of the Civil Code "Aeroflot", but the leadership of the "Aeroflot" no comment on this matter has been received

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