Piper Meridian Airplane


Three people were injured in the crash in the US light aircraft

In Wisconsin crashed light aircraft.

During the crash of a small-engine Piper Meridian aircraft, according to local media, out of the five people on board, two passengers and a pilot were injured of varying degrees of severity, but as doctors report, nothing threatens their lives at the moment.

The incident with the collapse of small-aircraft occurred during the air show EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in the US, while, according to the information received by the Agency Avia.pro, destructions and victims on the ground there.

According to some reports, the aircraft was preparing to enter the landing, but for some unknown reason, a severe emergency landing was made on the aerodrome strip, after which fire brigades and medical workers were sent to the scene almost immediately.

The main version of the incident is considered to be a failure of the chassis system, which was not released in preparation for landing, but the pilot’s error could not have been made to simply land the landing gear.

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