“Turkey, goodbye!”: Russia sent strategic bombers to Syria to bomb Idlib

It became known about sending strategic bombers to Syria.

The media reported that against the backdrop of the confrontation between Russia, Turkey and Syria, strategic bombers were urgently deployed to the Arab Republic, which, at last, would put an end to pro-Turkish terrorists and destroy the locations of hundreds of tanks, armored personnel carriers and jet multiple launch rocket systems.

"Sources in Syria have just reported deploying in Syria Russia's most advanced bomber capable of arming itself with hypersonic nuclear warhead missiles."- сообщает Western information publication Veterans Today.

A number of sources report that it may even be a Russian strategic Tu-160 bomber, however, experts note that the air base is not ready to receive such aircraft, and therefore, it is likely that we are talking about Tu-22 bombers, which However, it poses a very serious threat to the militants and terrorists.

“Russia directly stated to Erdogan that she would not negotiate with terrorists. If Turkey helps the militants, then Russia will help Syria. Should we expect a powerful bombardment by Russian "strategists"? Absolutely! ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that earlier Russian Tu-22 bombers already took part in delivering attacks on the territory of Syria - during a special operation of the Russian Aerospace Forces it was possible to destroy large formations of Islamic State terrorists (terrorist group banned in Russia - approx. Ed.).

The photo depicts a FAR Tu-22M3 missile carrier. They bombed and bombard the positions of the barmalei in Syria. They have nothing to do with strategic aviation. From the SOVSEMM layer. As we said in the regiment - ,, Learn the materiel ,,


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