Turkey threatens to build skyscrapers from skulls of killed Russian military

Turkey threatens Russia to build skyscrapers from the skulls of the Russian military.

Turkey continues to worsen political relations with Moscow, threatening Russia with an incredibly large-scale military conflict. So, according to the ambassador of Russia to Turkey, Alexei Erkhov, in Ankara they openly call for striking at Russian troops, and "erect skyscrapers from the skulls of the military."

“As for the threats: we talked enough about them, and even announced the most odious ones. Of the latter, what attacked last night and this morning, things like: “We will build skyscrapers from the skulls of your military” and “Pay the price for every drop of blood you shed” and so on. But, according to our feelings, the information space around the security topic of Russian foreign agencies and in general around Russia has been substantially cleaned up recently. I think this is a consequence of the attention paid to the topic. We are grateful to those who do this. It’s important. ”- said Russian diplomat in an interview with Zvezda

Such statements by Turkey are completely unacceptable, especially given the fact that in recent months relations between Russia and Turkey have cooled very quickly.

“If Erdogan thinks that such statements addressed to Russia will get away with him, then he is very mistaken. While Ankara does not create problems for Russia, however, any actions of Turkey directed against Russia will immediately entail a massive blow from Russia as well, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that according to a number of data, over the past week, Turkey lost about 20 tanks and more than 40 armored personnel carriers handed over to militants in Syria, and most of them were destroyed by Russian air strikes.

So on TV a couple of years ago they showed that the terrorists were defeated and the troops were withdrawn. The victory parade was held. And here the article is incomprehensible, about some kind of fights.


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