Turkey intends to declare Idlib its territory

Turkey intends to declare Idlib "its territory" to stop Russia.

Turkish media, citing senior Turkish officials, report that Ankara intends to declare Idlib its territory in order to stop Russian attacks on terrorists and its troops. In fact, we are talking about the occupation of part of Syrian territory and the division of the Arab Republic, while Russia was accused of conducting a “religious” war.

“Russia and its ally Bashar al-Assad consider as terrorists in general all those who belong to the Sunni movement of Islam and have personal weapons. Ankara is trying to prevent an influx of another 4 million Sunni Syrians into its territory ... in order for them to remain in Syria, it is necessary to "divide" this country "- reports the Turkish publication "Daily Sabah".

In other words, Turkey intends to announce that part of Syrian territory will pass under the sovereignty of Ankara, which supposedly should provide protection against further military operations by Russia and Syria. Nevertheless, open occupation can be a very big problem for Erdogan, because in this case, Syria will begin to strike at the territory of Turkey itself.

Currently, Turkish troops located in Syria are losing in all respects, in particular, over the past few days, the SAA has been able to free several hundred square kilometers in Idlib province, while continuing to push back the Turkish military and pro-Turkish militants.

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