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Turkey will not integrate C-400 with NATO systems

Turkey refused to integrate Russian C-400 with the NATO system.

Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar made an unexpected statement that Triumph’s C-400 systems purchased from Russia, which are scheduled to be delivered in the fall of this year, will not be integrated with NATO’s weapons systems - they will operate independently and independently.

“This system will not be integrated with either NATO systems or any other national systems associated with NATO.”- said in the message.

What exactly this is due to, Hulusi Acar did not explain, however, according to analysts, this decision may be one of Russia's requirements, moreover, the lack of integration of C-400 with NATO systems will allow Turkey to act independently, although Acar himself stressed that NATO Ankara will not refuse.

The US has not yet responded to such a decision by the Turkish military, but earlier it was reported that Washington could come up with a proposal to exclude Turkey from NATO, which, however, would have a much more serious effect on the existence of the North Atlantic Alliance, since in this case , the passage of NATO ships through the Bosphorus to the Black Sea will be closed, while Ankara will only strengthen cooperation with Moscow.