Turkey did not let Russian Su-24 bombers and the board of the Russian Ministry of Defense go to the Khmeimim airbase

Turkey blocked the flight to Russian front-line bombers.

A few hours ago, information was confirmed that Turkey closed the airspace to Russian military aircraft flying to Syria. According to generally available monitoring resources, Ankara banned the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Defense Tu-154 from entering its airspace a day earlier, however, as it turned out, we are talking about several aircraft at once - including two Su-24 front-line bombers, and, as expected, one board the Russian Guard.

According to sources, after the Russian military requested Turkey to cross the airspace along the standard route to the Khmeimim airbase, Ankara unexpectedly refused, as a result of which Russian military aircraft had to fly through the Caspian Sea, Iran and Iraq.

Given such opposition, military relations between the two countries can be very complicated, including the Russian military may begin to block the routes of Turkish military convoys and patrols, including stopping the supply of Turkish roadblocks in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo.

On the other hand, experts believe that in the near future Erdogan could arrange a very serious provocation against the Russian military in Syria, especially given the fact that it is thanks to the active participation of Russian troops in the territory of the Arab Republic that the Syrian army manages to quickly free the country from Turkish militants, gradually displacing the latter from the territory of the Arab Republic.

The history of the Turks does not teach anything. It would be time for our president to distinguish grains from husks. All of them are cheating and he still believes. He was entrusted with the Minsk agreements ... the war in the Donbass would end long ago. The militias have reached their administrative borders. Now Syria. important decisions. Again led to Erdogan ... Turks can not be trusted all of our Russian history has proved this.

Turkey needs all of Syria, but who will allow Erdogan? Erdogan now plays the role of a monkey carrying chestnuts from the fire for the West, it is understood that the West will write off all the costs of the war against Syria on him, so Erdogan drove himself into a trap. If he chooses it is good, if not, he will lose Turkey.

Sadly, and this is the 21st century. Nothing changes. Money and the conquest of territories remain at the forefront. Turkey seems to be laying claim to a piece of Syria. And behind political or religious slogans. Cyprus was chopped off at one time ...


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