Turkey announces attempt to bring down F-35s by Russian S-400s

Russian S-400 in Turkey will try to bring down an F-35 fighter.

According to data provided by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Мavuşoлуlu, the Turkish military intends to test the Russian S-400 against fifth-generation F-35 fighters. A special group is already being created for these purposes, however, contrary to expectations, they will not use fifth-generation American fighters at all, but the F-35 of one of the NATO countries.

“What are the concerns or claims of our allies? They say that the F-35 and S-400 are incompatible. This claim is correct and here is our proposal, let me remind or repeat it: let's create a working group, and NATO can lead this group. Let the experts study, evaluate the situation and tell us. But we believe that indeed, the systems are not incompatible. And for our part, we guarantee that we will not integrate the S-400 into the NATO system. This is a defensive weapon. And it will not pose any threat either to NATO systems or to Allies in the North Atlantic Alliance. ”, The Turkish Foreign Minister stated.

Previously, information was published that Turkey could already test the Russian S-400 on F-35 fighters that flew in Iraqi airspace, but, obviously, this information is unreliable.

C400 was created in order to bring down enemy aircraft, and not for toys in the sky.


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