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Turkey will officially transfer US C-400 to the US for “study” in exchange for F-35

Ankara called for the transfer of Russian C-400 technologies to Washington.

Russian S-400 air defense systems may have serious problems after Turkey officially announced its readiness to transfer Russian S-400 technologies to the American side. A similar decision was made in Ankara after the United States announced its readiness to resume the sale of F-35 fighters, in the case of Turkey's cooperation with the United States on C-400 systems.

“Today we started work on creating a mechanism for (assessing the impact) of C-400 and F-35. The process will take place with the United States. "- said the press secretary of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalin.

Considering the fact that the “impact assessment” provides primarily a demonstration of Russian air defense systems to the American side, it also means transmitting information about the functionality of Russian C-400, including a demonstration of the operation of the system for detecting fifth-generation fighters.

Today, despite the existing disagreements between Turkey and the United States, the countries remain military partners, and the transfer of Russian C-400 technologies to the United States poses a serious threat to Russia and countries operating these air defense / missile defense systems.

both in journalism and in science it is customary to prove the veracity of the material given by the author of the article. Here I see the article exactly like on the Infotech 24 website. On other resources, it simply does not exist. Most likely this is a stuffing.


The Internet is a mess that only people don’t write, read and wonder how people dislike their country and gloat over anything ... and Putin was not nice to them. all thieves and crooks. Remember, corruption and theft also flourish beyond the hill. You have to be a patriot of your Fatherland and not grumble!

When the pilot Belenko hijacked the MiG-29 there was a fright and urgent development of a new aircraft. Then we realized that new technologies appear faster than the enemy manages to learn and adapt to existing technologies. So the enemy will always lag behind, spending significant funds on the counteraction. Now they are not afraid to export even completely new systems. In secret design bureaus they are considered already old.


Prove that it's just a bike.

Technology remained in Russia. Iron sold to Turkey!

The penny is far from rusty. Without the President, such issues cannot be resolved. They decided to sell - so they know what they’re going to.

What's this? I warned that Erdogan is a coyote ..

Is it not provided for self-destruction in case anyone decides to climb to look?

What, the military did not take into account, did not calculate all the options? S-400 Saudi Arabia sold - and what are they, with the US are not allies ?! India will be sold, but who knows who else !!! Anyone can pass on the info to anyone, and it is not a “terrible secret”! If you want to trade weapons, then it’s not classified.

This was a no brainer at the very beginning of the conclusion of the contract for the supply of C-400 to a NATO member. In Russia, Rosoboronexport will sell all military secrets and technologies for a rusty penny so that a probable adversary or just an adversary develops an antidote to all our novelties about which the President boasts from the high stands ......

Interesting. Did someone really expect something else?

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