Turkey was involved in the destruction of the Syrian Su-22

Turkey helped terrorists bring down the Syrian Su-Xnumx.

A few hours ago it became known that in preparation for the assault on the Syrian city of Khan Sheikhun, a Syrian Air Force Su-22 fighter-bomber was shot down. As it turned out, Turkey was involved in a successful attack by militants, providing information on the flight of the Syrian combat aircraft and its negotiations with the air base.

It is known that the militants were able to intercept negotiations between the Syrian Air Force air base and the crew of the downed fighter-bomber, and this was possible thanks to the electronic intelligence station delivered from Turkey.

Initially, it was reported that the plane could have been shot down from the Stinger MANPADS, but later it became known that 23-mm was used for this. anti-aircraft installation. According to some information .with a similar “help” from Turkey, the Russian Su-25 was shot down in March last year.

It is known that at least one of the pilots ejected, while the militants announced the capture of the latter, however, presented by the Telegram channel Gallifrey Technologies indicate that the pilot successfully landed away from the positions of the militants and made up his equipment, hid in an unknown direction - his fate remains unknown.

On the other hand, the destroyed Su-22 crashed only 2-3 kilometers from the positions of the Syrian government forces, and therefore, it is possible that the pilot will be able to escape.

When Putin forgave, but actually sold and betrayed the murder of our pilot to Erdogan, turns a blind eye to Turkish attacks on Syrian (allied) positions and our base in Khmeimim, he gave the Turks indulgence for any anti-Russian and anti-Syrian actions !!