C-400 Turkey


Turkey received only 120 missiles for S-400

Russia supplied Turkey with only 120 missiles for the S-400.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, Russia supplied Turkey with 120 anti-aircraft guided missiles for S-400 air defense systems. Given the fact that only half of the Syrian S-300 air defense’s division delivered 100 SAMs, for four Turkish S-400 divisions this is not enough.

Experts draw attention to the fact that one S-400 division includes 8 launchers, in connection with which, part of the Turkish systems will be completely left without missiles, which raises a lot of questions regarding the effectiveness of Turkey's use of Russian S-400s.

"Given the fact that part of the launchers will remain without missiles, it is logical to assume that the deployment of the S-400 and putting them on alert raises a number of questions regarding the effectiveness of Turkey’s use of Russian weapons", - the analyst notes.

At the same time, there were suggestions that it could only be a matter of deliveries of 48N6 long-range anti-aircraft guided missiles, but TASS sources did not specify such information.

Among other things, spare parts for S-400 air defense systems were also delivered to Turkey.

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