Fighter F-35


Turkey will receive American F-35 fighters despite the ban of the US Congress

The ban of the US Congress will not be a problem for the transfer of F-35 fighters to Turkey.

As follows from the latest data presented, despite the fact that the US Congress decided to ban the delivery of American F-35 fighter jets to Turkey’s arsenal, these fifth-generation combat aircraft will still be transferred to this country. Already today, 21 June 2018 of the year, Turkish pilots will begin to learn how to fly with fifth-generation fighters, and after some time, these aircraft will go to Turkey, to the airbases of their permanent registry.

Earlier it was reported that the United States warned Turkey about the inadmissibility of buying Russian S-400 SAM systems from Russia, since otherwise sanctions would be imposed on this country, and the delivery of F-35 fighters will be canceled. Nevertheless, Turkey, in turn, announced its readiness to acquire Russian Su-57 fighters, and to close the US military access to Turkish military air bases, which would be a serious blow to the United States. At the same time, Turkey stressed that its intention to acquire Russian S-400 SAM systems "Triumph" is unconditional.

Nevertheless, analysts report that it is too early to talk about the transfer of Turkey to F-35 military fighters, as planes are still in the US, and the decision on this matter can be changed at any time.

* F-35 is a family of American unobtrusive multi-purpose fighters of the fifth generation, developed by Lockheed Martin.

Rashi had such hopes for the sale of his flying coffins (Su-57), but even here the Americans beat us