Fighter F-35


Turkey will receive the "dead" fighters F-35

Turkey will receive F-35 fighters, but they will not be able to fly.

The media reported that the United States of America decided to transfer two fifth-generation fighter jets to Turkey’s arms according to the previously concluded agreement, however, if Turkey decides to use these fighters for other purposes, or try to acquire Russian air defense missile systems. -400, the aircraft will simply be disconnected from the ALIS system (cloud service Autonomic Logistics Information System - approx. Ed.), Which will make such fighters completely useless, that is, in fact, they will not even be able to take off.

Of course, we are talking only about rumors, but if Turkey continues to further blackmail the US, these fighters will simply become "dead", and their functions can be restored only by making appropriate changes.

"Given the information that has appeared, Turkey should once again reflect on whether the United States really is a good partner and whether it is worth trusting this country. F-35 fighters are one of the most failed projects, and even Russian aircraft of the 4 ++ generation can cope with them ", - the expert notes.

Specialists have already called the American F-35 fighter jets as a common fraud, since the planes revealed about a thousand different defects, about a hundred of which are dangerous for flying.

And if F35 is exchanged for C-400, Russia will understand how to launch them into the sky!

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You'd think that if Russia sells its Su-57, it will fly and they will not turn off the electronics?))) It's better to buy from amers, with Russians generally full ass, and hell knows what's there again for the technology that does not have analogues) )) the war will show whose anti-missile systems are anti-aircraft, whose planes are better, tanks and other weapons. And not the tales of savvy analysts, but the fact that Russia again managed to make a breakthrough! Bl ** a bucket and then can not do, the older brothers Chinese are all doing)).

If F-35 in Turkey can not fly, then 2 pc is just enough, which would be profitable to sell to Russia and China (India).

well, that raguli, and you lamented the Russian SU-57 that it is shit, and F 35 super aircraft, when you yourself create at least a third generation?


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